Collection: Introducing our "Studies" collection. Two series of affordable original artworks.

The first series focuses on our pets, capturing their essence through pen sketches and watercolour washes. They serve as an exploration of the subject, a behind-the-scenes peek before creating the final piece. Each piece in this series offers a glimpse into the artistic process, revealing the raw and intimate connection between line and mood. An excellent addition to any decor, the charm and spontaneity of these simple, yet heartwarming pet studies are equally at home in an office or child’s bedroom.

In the second series in the "Studies" collection, I dive into the world of Sea Kelp at White Rock Beach. This exploration was born out of my fascination with the vibrant greens and fuchsias as well as the unique shapes and forms evoking visions of mermaids and giant squid. The pencil and pen lines intertwine just like the twists and turns of the kelp itself.   The technique and subject matter make these studies the perfect splash of colour on any wall.