Keepsake Single Subject- Watercolour/Embellished

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Watercolour is a beautiful medium to capture the delicate patterns in an old teacup, or the faded fur of a cherished Teddy bear.  This medium allows me to capture details and subtleties in colour and provide you with a beautiful finished product created from your photographs or actual mementos. From an old brooch or pocket watch to a set of wedding bands or a locket, recreate your family treasures in soft sepia tones with washes of watercolour and tea embellished with gold.  This is a perfect choice for an anniversary gift that will be treasured forever.  These paintings are lovingly created over many hours using inks and teas, watercolours, and can be embellished with gold leaf making them extra special and unique. I use only archival quality materials to ensure your portrait will last a lifetime.

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