About the Artist

About Haike Tremblay

I am an artist born and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, where I live with my husband Dean. I work out of my home studio (often the kitchen table) and love to doodle wherever I am. Dean and I love to travel and are in Mexico as often as possible. No matter where I am, I'm endlessly delighted by taking on portrait commissions and creating collections inspired by nature and my travels.  I also love early mornings (I know, I'm one of those), a strong cup of coffee, and a paintbrush in my hand.

I'm a self educated artist who started her professional career in portraiture back in the late 1990’s.  I've always been fascinated by the diverse faces of people and animals and the stories they represent. I got into painting murals in local homes and businesses for a while as well as dabbling in oils and oversized florals. Since my kids have grown and are out on their own, I've renewed my passion in art and have barely put my brush down since.

I'm currently self represented.  continue to take on commissions and develop collections for release on my website and home studio.  I'm also hoping to start teaching classes in my kitchen again soon. You can learn about new work and whatever else I'm up to by signing up for my newsletter on the bottom of the home page.  

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