Custom Artwork

I've worked with a wide variety of clients to create signature custom artwork in watercolours, charcoal, and acrylics.

I truly love the collaboration process and the challenge of getting not only a likeness, but also the feelings my clients describe.  Using your photos as inspiration, I strive to capture the whole story.  Together we can create artworks that honour your memories, loved ones, and personal journey.  

"Saying that Haike is an unbelievably talented artist would be an understatement!  You can feel her passion and heart in all of her work, but her commissions are truly remarkable.  I've commissioned numerous pieces from her, from pet memorials to portraits of loved ones, and I am always so blown away by the final products.  You can tell how much Haike cares about each piece and all of the love put into them.  If you're looking for a beautiful and meaningful piece of art for yourself or as a gift, I cannot recommend Haike enough.  Her watercolour work is my absolute favourite!"    – Sara Hough

I am fascinated with heirlooms and memorabilia and creating unique artwork from your keepsakes and photos.  One of the benefits of a drawing or painting is that unwanted elements or backgrounds are easily removed. Old photographs, even when they are blurry, can often be recreated into gorgeous stylized charcoals. 

Commissions start as low as $125 and average about $400.

What You'll Get:

  • A start and completion date (generally 2-3 weeks apart)
  • A composition sketch for your approval to make sure you are happy with the placement and likeness.  This is the best time for any changes.
  • 1 complete reworking at the composition stage and up to 3 corrections during the process to ensure an accurate likeness.

How It Works (in 3 easy steps)

  1. Book A Discovery Call – Email me to book a call to discuss the scope and subject of your project, how you want it to look, but also how you want it to make you feel.  I want to know all about the subject of the artwork and what it means to you. ( I may ask a lot of questions, especially about pets.)

  2. Choose Your Medium And Size – Once you know what you want painted, it's time to decide if you prefer a drawing or a painting, (pencil, charcoal, watercolour or acrylic) and what size you would like the finished piece to be.  This will help determine the price of your commission. 

  3. Sign The Contract And Pay Your Deposit – Once all the details (including start and completion dates) have been decided, I will email you the contract for your signature. This ensures that we are both clear on expectations.  The project start date is booked when the signed contract is returned with a 50% deposit which can be paid through e-transfer or by credit card.  Feel free to contact me at any time during the process with questions or concerns. 

Ready to get started?  This is your chance to take the next step to see what's possible. Schedule a discovery call so we can get started.  Contact Me