Rusty old pickup truck watercolour painting in splashy colours

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Art

1. Do you only draw and paint portraits?

Not at all.  I love to draw and paint. Period.  The subject matter is irrelevant.  My favourite paintings have come from old photographs and represent heirlooms, keepsakes, memorabilia, old toys, vacation spots and much more.  If you have a photo you'd like to recreate as a painting, please get in touch and we can discuss options and ideas.

2. How long will it take to receive my artwork?  

The time will vary depending on how many clients are in the queue.  Certain times of the year, such as the holiday season and Mother's Day will result in longer lead times.  When you make your deposit, you will be added to my calendar and given a start date. The completion date is generally within 2 weeks of that start date.

3. Can you combine multiple photos into one composition?

Absolutely.  If you would like more than one subject in your composition, I can combine your high quality photos as long as the angles and lighting are at least similar.  A lot depends on the quality of the photos I have to work with.

4. Will my artwork last a long time?

Definitely.  I take great care to use only professional-grade paints and materials of archival quality to ensure that your artwork can be passed down to your grandchildren if framed properly.  Your painting should be framed using archival, acid-free mounts and UV-protectant glass for best results.

5. Can you work from old photos?

Yes I can.  Ideally, I like to work from high resolution photos where I can clearly see details such as eyes and fur or feathers.  It is important that the colours in the photo are true to the subject if you are wanting a colour portrait.  Charcoal portraits are much more forgiving and a great choice when using old photographs.  In the case of a memorial portrait, this is not always possible and I am happy to work with you to choose a medium and composition that works best.  Please keep in mind that the quality of the photos will affect the end result.  

6. Will you frame my portrait for me?

Frames are such a personal choice, dependant on style preference and the decor where it will be displayed, I prefer to focus solely on your artwork and leave the framing to the professionals. 

7. What payment methods do you offer?

The payment methods are listed at the bottom of my website as well as in the shopping cart.  Once we have had a consultation and you have sent me your photos and decided on your size and medium, your 50% deposit will guarantee your spot on my calendar.  I am unable to accept cheques.

8. Are Gift Certificates available?

Yes!  A custom portrait makes a great gift! Digital gift cards are available on my website in many denominations.  They can be used as payment for a custom project in part or in full.


Still have questions? Please contact me.