Collection: Corner Stores and Cafes- Originals exclusively available at Arts Off Main Gallery in Vancouver

Discover a whimsical world of vibrant corner stores and cozy cafes. This collection of 12x16 framed watercolour paintings celebrates Vancouver and local area gems. Many of these buildings, masquerading as old homes, capture the essence of community and the joy of connecting over coffee or daily essentials. 

Imagine strolling through the neighbourhood, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingling with friendly chatter. I was drawn to the fun lettering adorning the signage and awnings, bringing life and character to these charming facades. Quirky wiring gracefully dances off the buildings, adding a touch of spontaneity to the scenes, and reminding us of the delightful surprises life has in store. These stores and cafes serve as the heart of the community, where locals gather for a warm cup of joe or to pick up their daily essentials.

Whether you hang them in your living room, or office, or gift them to a fellow art lover, these framed watercolours invite you to a world where community thrives and everyday moments are celebrated. Each piece in this collection is infused with a playful smile that lingers.